What We Do We provide complete HR Services

"Our on-demand HR consulting helps clients focus on what they do best: running their business."
- Fred Crandall, Managing Director of ProPartnerHR

Our Services


Benefits Administration

We can promptly answer any employee questions regarding benefit plans and serve as a point of contact with both employees and vendors on day-to-day matters.


Performance Management

Provide counsel on the employee performance management process; assist with proper documentation, etc. for tracking performance. Assist with problem employees, recommending the best path to a solution.


Onboarding New Employees

Create and deliver employee handbooks; conduct new employee orientations.

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Recruiting Assistance

Assist in writing job vacancy specifications; provide recruiting assistance with internal or external recruiters. Assist with interviewing and selecting candidates for hire.


Payroll Administration

Prepare filings and conduct periodic payrolls; prepare any necessary forms for your employees.


Off Boarding Employees

Conduct any exit interviews; provide an employee termination checklist.


Record Keeping Assistance

Annual audit of personnel files to better maintain record-keeping policies.



Provide competitive compensation research for both job offers and current employees.


Employee Relations

Assist with employee problems as they arise.


Policy And Compliance

Serve as point of contact for any compliance questions and issues; provide assistance with policy development for your organization.